This is a project very special to me. I am working for a long time with illustration and design but i was at some point i lost my faith on my job.
At this point, i was looking for something to help me see the greatness in drawing again and i found this contest on

I already tried some other contests there but never got anything. But this time i said to my self "this time i'm gonna make something happen by doing my best and working the way i would like to work on every job: nice and slow with no rush and lots of study. If i dont make anything from this, i quit and stop drawing.

So this is my work who was at the top on popular voting since the begining of the contest thanks to you guys who voted here:

Here we go trought the steps:
First of all, thumbnail studies
to test some ideas
and some first big sketch of
my favorite layout
among the thumbnails
So we can go
for another sketches
to evolve the idea.
This is the chosen sketch for the lettering.
I wont show the others
because they are REALY bad.
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